Sidney da Kidney

Sidney da Kidney can be booked to go on holiday with you. You can rent him for £1 per day or £5 per week. There will be prizes awarded each year for the person who:  

  • takes him furthest from his home base in Stoke Mandeville;
  • takes him highest above the ground (aeroplanes don't count but if you skydive with him the height you jump from does count);
  • you can gain extra miles if you have his passport stamped on entering or leaving a country;
  • extra miles are also awarded if you have his photo taken with a local policeman


Nathan Hughes of Wasps

Sidney went to Toulouse to support Wasps. Held by Nathan Hughes of Wasps and England and by Pam Pitcher of SCKPA's Stoke Mandeville branch, his height of 31,000 ft does NOT qualify!.