How to play the SCKPA Lottery

You will need to download and print an SCKPA Lottery Ticket.

Each entry will nominate 6 numbers (from 1 - 59) and each of these will be matched with the National Lottery Lotto numbers drawn each Saturday until a winning entry is found i.e. the first entry to reach 6 matching numbers.

Each Entry costs £1 per week. There are no limits to the number of entries an individual can buy - up to five entries can be put on each official lottery ticket and payment must be received.

Cheques made payable to 'Six Counties Kidney Patients Association' must be posted to Arthur Edwards, at the address given on the lottery ticket, to reach Arthur before the start week of each game.

Please send a cheque covering 10 weeks payment for each entry (e.g. if you submit 3 entries, a cheque for £30 is needed) or complete the SCKPA Lottery Standing Order Mandate.

For a complete set of the SCKPA Lottery Rules, please click here.