Chairs of our Branches

Margaret Sharp 

Chair of High Wycombe

"In 1994 my husband was diagnosed with renal failure , he managed on medication and a change of diet until 2000 when he started HD , 14 months later he had a successful kidney transplant . Having had support from Six Counties during this time we started the High Wycombe branch, hoping to offer the same level of support to others in the same position."


Maggie Pratt-Heaton

Chair of Milton Keynes


Anne Ollivant

Chair of Oxford

“ I was diagnosed with Lupus in my mid-twenties which eventually led to renal failure.  I then had the complete gamut of  treatments including CAPD, Haemodialysis and 2 kidney transplants, the 2nd one which is still functioning.  I feel very lucky to have been under the outstanding care of the Churchill Hospital and wanted to give something back to both the hospital and to the SCKPA who had supported me throughout.   I therefore volunteered to form the Oxford Branch supported by our members and in a larger role by John & Wendy Sutcliffe”

Mike Pitcher

Chair of Stoke Mandeville  

"I was first diagnosed with renal insufficiency in the mid-2000s. After being actively monitored for several years, I eventually started on PD. This was replaced by HD when PD proved to be not working sufficiently well. So, three times a week I spend the morning in the Stoke Mandeville Renal Unit. In May 2015 I had a cadaveric transplant which sadly failed. I was never able to stop HD. I am currently on the cadaveric and paired donor waiting lists.

In addition to my role as Chair of Stoke Mandeville Branch, I am currently helping to refurbish this website."

The Chair of Swindon branch is currently vacant.